The need for service dogs is rapidly outpacing the ability of Charitable Organizations to provide them.  Waiting lists of 2 to 4 years are common.  At one point recently some Autism Service dogs programs were forced to close their lists due to demand.

We want to partner with you if you are willing to take on the challenge of funding your service dog while we focus on training it to the highest standards.

Many Canadians are forced to go to schools in the US and in order to obtain a dog and pay 30,000 or more for that dog.  Some resort to unregulated trainers who provide training or dogs of questionable quality.

There is a need for an alternative to long waiting lists or expensive imported service animals.

At Canine Support Services we have removed the overhead of being a registered charity, the expense of fundraising, and the cost of running a dedicated kennel.  This allows us to focus on the support of helping you train and certify your dog or selecting raising and training a service dog for you.  The cost of the dog will depend on the type of dog you require and the services it will perform but typically our dogs are provided for much less than through a charity.  If you already have a suitable dog (we will assess to be sure) and can do some of the training yourself that will help reduce costs even further.

Many of our clients fundraise for some of all of the cost of their dogs. We can provide you with some suggestions. If this is not an option for you, we fully understand.  There are many good organizations in Canada to apply for a fully funded dog.

What makes CSS unique:

  • No waitlist
  • Different options for you to receive a service or therapy dog
  • Personalized training in your home area
  • Client has ownership of the dog
  • Owners can participate in training
  • Any CSS dog in training lives at the trainers home.
  • Ongoing support for the working life of your dog
  • Wade – our head trainer will personally oversee each dog in training