Wade Beattie, Canine Support Services

Wade Beattie, Director

With over 30 years of experience, Wade is one of Canada’s most respected guide dog and service dog trainers. Wade began his career as a guide dog trainer/instructor in 1986 at Canine Vision Canada as a guide dog trainer and instructor, where he completed a three-year apprenticeship program. He has collaborated with some of the world’s leading guide and service dog trainers and was a pioneer in bringing autism service dogs to Canada as the founder and former Director of Programs for Autism Dog Services.

Wade has traveled around the world to work with various service dog organizations in helping to develop their service dog programs. He has worked with over 300 families from as far away as Ireland, Italy and the United States to provide them with service dogs. His clients include children and adults with Down syndrome, fetal alcoholic syndrome, global developmental disorders, PTSD and other psychiatric conditions. He has also worked with blind/visually impaired individuals and clients with mobility issues.